What do you wear to work?

what is your work style, what kinds of things do you wear to work? Be specific, describe your everyday outfits. Especially shoes, what shoes do you mostly wear to work?

  • Casual wear (Jeans, sneakers)
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  • Business wear (suits, slacks, shoes, collared shirts)
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • it depends, at my past jobs I have needed to wear businessey stuff or business casual to another one.

    i like to wear pencil skirts and either a blouse or a plain shirt. usually skirts that are tucked into the blouse or shirt. alternatively I would wear a solid dress. I don't let my skirts go more than a few inches above the knee but they are often fitted/fairly tight just not too short so I can get away with it.

    or I would wear a dress but make sure not to wear it too low or short.

    with either one of these depending on the weather and my mood I might add a blazer, especially if it is that time of year where I do not need a jacket.

    depending on how casual it was I would wear either pumps but not taller than 3ish inches, usually just plain black round or pointy toe or some classic looking flats


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What Guys Said 3

  • If meeting client, suit/tie.

    Otherwise, shirt, shirt + sweater, shirt + sportsjacket or sometimes suit no tie.

    Occasionally wear jeans with a shirt on Fridays. Otherwise wool pants for the most part.

    Fridays excepted leather sole shoes, I have a weekly rotation. I'll expand it when I can afford too. If its raining/snowy I wear a lace up or slip on boot with synthetic sole.

  • Business casual

    Button ups, dress shirts (without a tie), polos, khakis, that sort of thing

  • I just wear casual because when I get to work I have to change into my work uniform anyways.


What Girls Said 3

  • Black and white. My friend's mom came by and commented on how nice I looked/formal. I was taken a bit off guard because it's not that fancy, but I guess it's more than the casual I usually wear. I wear my nice looking combat boots. Or black shoes. Not allowed sneakers.

    • All my business shoes are flats and they hurt my feet, so do heels. I'm trying to find comfy boots but ones that are office appropriate and that would go with my slacks, any ideas?

    • ankle or low boots. Go shopping and something should catch your eye. :)

    • thanks

  • swim trunks, t shirt and flip flops :)

  • I dress business professional everyday at work. 3-4 in heels or wedges, pantyhose, skirt or dress. My shoes are us the classic high heel pump or open toe heels.

    • doesn't it hurt your feet to be in heels all day

    • No, I am most comfortable in heels, I wear them after work and on weekends too. I tend to purchase higher quality shoes and they are much more comfortable also wearing hosiery with them helps a lot.