Is it normal for an ex to sneak things into your handbag?? Help!

Long story short: My ex and I broke up about two months ago. He was a real jerk to me (he was planning on cheating on me with another girl) and he totally betrayed me. I dumped him, and haven't looked back.

After I dumped him, he tried to give me his business card with my number on it, but I told him I didn't want it.

I just got an email from him saying he still has deep feelings for me, and that he's sorry for how he treated me. He also wrote "Did you find my business card?" I looked in my bag, and found that he had put his business card in there when I wasn't looking (he must have done it during our youth group, because that's where we see each other).

I'm kind of freaked out by this normal behavior ? I can't believe he'd have the nerve to sneak it into my bag in the hopes that I'd call him!


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  • Sound like an insufferable douchebag to me. My money's on the fact that he'd have cheated on you if you didn't catch him first. He's not sorry he hurt you, he's sorry he got caught. It's a good thing you ended it, or you'd just have been validating his behavior and he'd have cheated on you eventually. Maybe now that you're gone for good, he won't make the same mistake again.

    • Thanks. I will never take him back, and I agree with you that he most likely would have cheated if I didn't find out first. Thanks for your advice, it's made me feel better :)

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  • Honestly? Yeah. He still loves you and is hurt and sorry for his behavior.

    Chances are (seeing as I've recently gone through this) He really is sorry and hates himself for it. Plus, he was only PLANNING? Did he ever actually cheat?

    • Technically he didn't actually cheat, but in my opinion planning to cheat counts as emotional cheating. Please don't defend my ex and say he loves me and is sorry. You don't know him. You don't know that he lied to me repeatedly and abused me, and treated me like rubbish. So don't defend him and say he's sorry, because you wouldn't have a clue what he's like.

    • Well I'm only basing my answer off the material you've given me to work with, and only one side of the story, apologies.

      And yes, I agree with you there.

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