How wired would this look?

I'm going with it regardless but my sorta fwb/ maybe boyfriend is about 2 inches shorter than me. I'm 5'8" and about 124, and he's 5'6" and more than that, he's a fighter and kinda buff.

I think he feels a little awkward and so do I, but I really am into him. How can we get over it? Am I that much bigger?


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  • In height not really.

    You are only 2 inches taller.

    But being that you are a woman and he is a man, that height difference may seem huge

    because the man is usually taller.

    Its okay, I don't think it looks weird.

    You both like each other.

    Why let something has small has height get in between you two?

    I can understand if it was something like one of you being a cheater.

    But height. Something that cannot be changed?

    It shouldn't be a biggy.


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  • Grab your sexiest skirt, and say "sex against the wall is easier when the women are slightly taller... Wanna go find a tree in the woods to do some 'therapeutics sessions' with me?"

  • Less odd then you'd think, is my guess.

    Yeah, you're taller then him.

    But ... you're basically tall and slim, and he's short but built as a fighter. So though he's shorter, he'll definitely look stronger and more 'powerful'.


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  • I'm about 5'11 and my boyfriend is 5'10". I'll admit I feel uncomfortable wearing really high heels, but other than that I'm completely fine with being taller.

    It's just something you have to get used to. Most people would hardly even notice, I think. I don't think it's weird at all :)