What are the names for different styles of tank tops for women?

There are so many styles. Of course there is the camisole (not sure about the spelling) which is not really a tank top but lets count it as one. I guess the simplest difference is how much skin they show on the shoulders and.upper back.


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  • Racer back

    halter top

    Spaghetti strap


    Off the shoulder

    • Wow ! That is SOME variety. I knew there would b many. I guess I can google; but I can't guess what a racerback would be like. And sleeveless, aren't all of them without sleeves? :)

      Thank you so much for the response though. I thought nobody would be interested to reply. :)

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    • Technically a sleeveless top is a tank top which covers almost all of the shoulder.its got the most arm material w/o actually having sleeves.

      I was surprised no one answered this myself! There might be more types of tank tops I'm forgetting but those are the main ones

    • Aaah ... Now I got it. Its like a normal fitted t-shirt with its sleeves cut off right where the shoulder meets the sleeve.

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