I have PTSD, I am looking for help before I get fired from my job.

i have PTSD, because of things that happened when I was a child and I don't know I always touch people make people uncomfortable and get them saying that I am annoying by annoying people about 99 percent of the time I have a grudge against someone that made me mad during my week and I annoy the sh*t outta of them I don't have an active life outside of work but I am looking for help before I get fired from my job.

more advice please :)


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  • If you are in college, your health center will be able to point you to low-to-no-cost counseling. If you are a veteran or in the family of a veteran, there are local groups that provide group counseling for free. Google "local group counseling PTSD". Otherwise, ask your GP or family doctor to point you in the right direction. Medication may help you cope day-to-day, but having a skilled counselor work with you is the long-term solution.


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