Fashion/style. What makes something 'cool'

A friend put a picture of himself up on fb. There were comments saying stuff like 'cool 5 panel' 'cool shirt' etc.

I thought they just looked like regular clothes tbh. I don't understand this whole 'cool clothes thing' I've been complimented on my style before but I jut wear what I feel comfortable in, no name brands.

What makes certain clothes 'cool' what makes everyone wear 5panels and snap backs? Do people who wear them think they look cool or do they wear them because they're trending?

Is it the brand that makes it cool? I know there's a difference between having style and cool clothes,

Anyone can answer but aimed at teen male fashion. Thanks.


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  • its being worn by someone who pulls it off

    • So with trends/fads do people wear stuff like snap backs (maybe this is a newzealand trend) because they think it looks cool or is it because everyone else is wearing them?

    • Oh snap backs? people wear snapbacks because they think they are cool for it. these people are dumb, and 2 of them have had their ass kicked by me =)

      where whatever you want, as long as its not what is on tv... or supported by any rapper.

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  • "Cool" clothing is in the eye of the beholder, and fads change daily. It's not about what brand name it is or what celebrity wore it last. It's about how you wear the clothing. One person can make an article of clothing look hideous while another can turn in into a trend.

  • Looks good, stylish, fresh.u just know when you see persons cool is another persons yuck


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  • I honestly think the people high up in the fashion industry play a big role. They simply design something universally good looking, get it out there on TV, in magazines, etc., and say that it's the next big thing, and the mass public see it and accept it as the next fashion trend.

    • Yeah no kidding because some of the stuff is just stupid and doesn't compliment the natural figure.

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