Girls raised by grandparents?

Okay so this is two questions in one:

All of the girls (and guys) that I know were raised by grandparents tend to be floozies. My grandparents introduce me to their friend's grandchildren all the time and I never have anything in common with them. So many of the girls that were raised by their grandparents were teen moms. Why do you think that is?

Because I was raised by my grandparents and I'm the total opposite. I'm pretty quiet and old-fashioned because of my grandparents and how they brought me up. Guys tell me that I'm like a little old lady (a hot one).

Is unattractive or endearing if a girl is old fashioned, kinda meek, and likes to do stuff like bake and knit and read and take care of her grandparents rather than go out drinking and hooking up considering that she's just as pretty if not more? Would you ever consider a girl like me as a possible girlfriend?


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  • Lol "floozies" that's such a funny word :)

    People raised by their grandparents tend to be Wilder for a couple reasons:

    1. Their parent was not around.most likely because of a negative reason like drugs, jail or neglect so grandparents had to step in

    2. Grandparents are old and don't have energy to stay on top of the kids and keep them out of trouble

    3. They spoil them because they feel bad the kids doesn't have a parent around

    4. Its easy for the younger generation to fool grandparents who are less savvy when it comes to technology and sneaking around.

    You seem like a serious girlfriend type.idk if must guys your age want the responsibility of that


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  • They were probably raised by their grandparents because their moms had them when they were like 13, and they're just continuing the family tradition.

  • I would definitely consider a girl like you as a possible girlfriend.


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