He just stopped talking to me, why?

he goes to my school and has always been really nice to me

a few months ago I was wearing these really uncomfortable heels and I was joking around and asked if he wanted to trade shoes, but he offered to go barefoot and let me borrow his shoes (we wear the same size) and last week, I was waiting for my ride and he came and sat with me for about 20 minutes until he had to leave because he was going to be late for something.

other times he would come and joke around with me and pretend to "accidentally" bump into me and apologize for not being able to keep his hands off me,

and until this week he always said hi to me in the halls and would give me hi-fives and hugs and stuff...

this week he just started ignoring me! he never started any conversations, I had to and if he was near me he would totally ignore me...whats with him?


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  • He might have liked you but he may have felt you did not share the interest so he gave up.

    • Oops didn't mean to do that! can I fix it?

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    • Yes you just have to show him you like him just be really flirty with him.

    • Haha, but I don't know if I like him......hmmm I will try lol.

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  • Okay girly, Maybe some of his friends said a rumor about you and He Thought it was true, Why don't you ask him Why he is ignoring you!