How and where do I look to sublease an apartment?

I will be doing an internship this summer in Los Angeles.

I have never lived an apartment before or had to do research/look for a place to stay. I still live in dorms because I love living on campus but this is my first time finding a place.

Does anyone have any tips on finding a subleased apartment/room? Or just any tips in general for when one must go house hunting?

This would be for summer only.

Can anyone recommend a good website for this purpose?

(I was thinking student housing would be a good idea since a lot of students need someone to pay the rent over the summer when they go home.)


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  • Check your schools newspaper. I'll bet there are some in there.

  • link


    There are other websites. Just do a search and include the name of your campus to find something in the area. Your campus student center might have some ads too.


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