Do you look at/flirt with other girls when you have a girlfriend?

Have you ever caught yourself looking at or crushing on another girl while in a relationship? Do you find you can talk to "attractive" girls easier if you are in a relationship? I'm not asking if you've ever considered cheating on your girlfriend, but if you've ever had a crush on another girl that made you get all googly eyed? Lol.


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  • Looking is one thing, crushing is c o m p l e t e l y different (for me at least)

    If a beautiful woman comes in sight, I'll look. To get a crush I'd have to know her rather good.

    Thus, Yes, I'd look, No I'll not crush, even if she's exceptionally beautiful (she might be a terrible bitch!)


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  • I had just posted a question about this a couple days ago: link

    As you may see from that it is pretty common for guys to even have a crush on another girl while being in a relationship though many say that they just still find other girls attractive, but not necessarily crushing on them.