Staring while praying??

so there's this musician guy I like he doesn't know I like him, so before choir we always pray. while I was praying I felt like someone was staring at me. bu when I opened my eyes he was actually staring and he didn't even look away or smile until everyone was taking a seat. is it good or bad? and every time someone says my name he usually stops what his doing and looks at me. is staring without smiling good or does he want to kill me?


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  • sounds alittle did it make you feel?

    • excited/nervous/confused lolx...For some reason I thought he might like me. cause I swear he was staring the whole time and when I opened my eyes he was still looking at me. He mostly likes to stare at my eyes. when someone says my name he would quickly look at me I don't know only time will tell.

  • Haha. I doubt he wants to kill you. Its a good thing. You should try to talk to him!