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Hey guys, I am on here looking for some new ideas for exercises. I mainly lift weights at the moment, but I want to get into some calisthenics and core training. Any ideas or links to certain exercises to do? Thanks a bunch.


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  • I like doing intervals like do a 15 min warm up, do some (weight lifting) exercise then sprint for one - 2 min, then do another exercise ...

    As for actual exercises well what I do kinda targets female problem zones but anyways:


    - candle stip dippers

    - crunches (including side crunches)

    - side bridge

    - hip twists

    - link

    - I don't know how it's called but you're like on your feet and hands and then bring your knee to the opposite elbow


    - push up (all variations)

    - tricep dippers

    - tricep dippers (standing)

    - bicep curls and other standart arm exercises


    - pull ups

    - lawn mowners

    - superman exercise (also when you just lie on your tumm and just kinda lift your bum a lil, then let it down)

    - I don't know how it's called but you kinda lean forward, have weights in your hands and then lift your arms so your elbows are the same height as your shoulders


    - squats and lunges

    - jumping squats and lunges

    - lower leg circles

    - pelvic thursts


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  • Not sure if this up your alley. But I love the elliptical. I do 60 minutes on that machine three to four times aweek. I look well...really good.


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  • I generally don't advertise for other people, but when it's good it's good; try:


    they have everything there; lots of really really good well thought-out challenging work outs. For Calisthenics try the "navy seals" workout. It's an approximation of the calisthenics & endurance workouts you would get when trying out for the navy seals. I did the first part and 1/3 of the second part before having to change countries and it's awesome workout.

    Otherwise just browse around there, you'll probably find a workout you like...

  • If there's a good circuit training class, this is great for core muscle workout. Or do weights standing on the Bosu ball, another great core workout.

  • Youtube man.

  • running is good for your back. rowing also but you need to have proper technique.

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