How to tell if you're good looking?

i'm not looking for attention. I just don't believe that I'm remotely good looking. some girls comment on my facebook pictures "beautiful" or "very photogenic" but I just don't feel pretty in flesh - I've never been told I was pretty to my face. even when I was going out with this guy he would rarely say 'you're pretty' and instead would say 'you'd look great if you got your hair done'. he told me his friends didn't comment on my looks and the two who did said he could do better.

is there a way to find out if I'm pretty or not? the way I turn out in photos looks WAYYYY worse than what I look like in the mirror.


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  • I wouldn't say there is a way to see if your 'pretty', cute, beautiful, etc. That's like saying am I ugly? I mean what is beautiful to one person could be ugly to another.

    But I do have something to say. Don't think you have to look like what you see in the magazines, or the media. The magazines are photoshoped, and the models, are unhealthy... literally, they weigh too little for their figure.

    And for your boy friend I think he is honestly an ass. You don't just say, "yeah, you would be so much better if you got your hair done". If his relationship with you is just about looks, then that's all he's ever going to see. Find someone who likes you for who you are at heart, and don't have to change to be liked by them.

    And it sounds like you have low self esteem. Get out more, date. Feel wanted, and be told your pretty, beautiful, wanted, desired. Or post something here. Everyone here is honest, and trustworthy... At least from what I have experienced.

    • Thanks for the advice :)

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  • funny I feel that way sometimes, but I'm a moody sometimes.

    but it think it depends on light conditions as well how well you look in pics adn stuff.

    i mean at work, a lot of guys come up to me and ask me out or complement me on what I wear, so I would assume that I look alright---i guess that's one way of knowing, but inside, I think I'm more pickier about how I look and sometimes I don't think I look that great.

  • Your ex sounds like an ass. What he says doesn't mean you aren't pretty. Some insecure guys purposely put down cute girls to lower their self esteem and make them insecure so they can have more control over them. So unnecessary! I don't think you are ever going to know the real answer until you get some confidence and feel better about yourself. You could look like Halle Berry but as long as you don't feel pretty you won't come off that way. I think you probably are pretty though because shallow guys like your ex don't date ugly girls.