What do guys look for in a girlfriend?

Do guys like innocent and naive girls OR do they prefer girls who are more daring and out there?


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  • -attractive

    -cares about her healthy/body to at least a mild degree

    -cares about her fashion to at least a mild degree

    -no emotional baggage

    -decent home life

    -decent social life

    -career goals

    -family goals


    -shares similar interests

    -reciprocates love and affection as opposed to acting entitled to special treatment without having to give anything in return just because she's the women.

    -doesn't abuse drugs or alcohol. occasional use of both is fine.

    -outgoing and can have fun doing just about anything.

    -shares similar values to me

    -has a similar sex drive

    -no ex boyfriend drama

    -at least relatively intelligent so I can talk about more than last nights episode of jersey shore and so I don't have to act like her father because she can barely breath on her own let alone make adult decisions.

    -is supportive of my hobbies and career

    -isn't over the top jealous (little jealousy is normal and shows she cares).


    -doesn't require constant communication. If you can't go half a day without me texting you, that's not good.

    -has a good mix of dominance and submissiveness

    -not super irritable. I hate girls that get upset or pissed at every stupid little thing I do or say.

    -Doesn't nag and bitch about every little unimportant detail.

    -Displays some amount of traditional female qualities, like ability and willingness to cook, care for children, clean and organize a house.

    This is all I can think of at the moment. One thing you should keep in mind about my lists is I'm at a point in my life where I'm essentially looking for my future wife. So I go into every relationship with that possibility in mind. So some of these traits are based on the fact that I wouldn't marry a girl if she didn't have them (like a willingness to have a family). It's also why my list is quite extensive. If I was younger and just looking to have fun. All I would really care about is that she's not a bitch, is attractive, and likes to have sex.


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  • I'm not into innocent girls. One, I don't want to feel like I'm an instructor or superior to my girl. I don't want to feel the guilt of taking her innocence. I like a challenge, not someone who is too easily impressed.

    I'll go for a girl whose daring and even a little out there, as long as she's genuine, loving and compassionate.

  • what I look for

    -happy all the time and smiles a lot


    -innocent or aggressive or both


    -loves video games

    -very kinky

    -sex drive equal to me



    -likes to be cute

    -not to be messed with when angry

    -likes to be hugged


    -likes dirty jokes

    -very similar humor to me

    -likes to wreastle

    -likes to swim

    -smart or at least smarter than me

    -doesn't get very annoyed with me

    -not creeped out by me

  • Hair




  • some guys look for someone who loves them for them , is honest in a relationship and enjoys being around them and doesn't expect too much at once ,

    and plus what Vpt warrior said too :P


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