I don't look like anyone in my family...

My family look like typical Africans, dark skin, tall, slim, short hair. But I'm lighter than them, with different kind of eyes (there's are more rounder and mine are more almond with semi-monolids.) I have longer, softer hair and basically I don't look like anyone. People I know tease me by saying I look blasian than pure African and I was born white with almond eyes. They even had he audacity to say I'm adopted.

I know this all sounds stupid... WHAT SHOULD I DO?


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  • Im black and I have aunts and uncles born with blond hair and blue eyes and they are 100% my grandparents. As the girl below me said you can still pass down ancestral genetics. You can still ask your parents about it if you are worried. Not every is going to come out the same skin tones and color

  • Ask your parents... it could just be genetics from past generations past on to u...

    • Cheating is more likely to be the real cause.

    • ask your parents, its best not to assume, just be open with them and tell them what your going through... they may shred some light on the situation... even if one parent cheated, it doesn't mean they love you any less

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