Should I do her a favor, or will I look like a biyatch?

Should I give her a ride?

Girl and I have been seeing each other for two weeks. She says she likes me but is taking things slow, and I believe her because she displays all the signs of liking me. I flirted with her A LOT today, she liked it and asked me to hang out three times today. Later on when I dropped her off, she said she needed a ride tomorrow to the train station because she's seeing her family this weekend.

I told her she's gotta do something for me first... we had a lot of back and forth which was good, but I thought since I spent the whole day busting her balls, one ride isn't going to hurt. So I said I'd take her if she can go before 5. This doesn't make me look like a ****** does it? I'm not losing her attraction by doing this am I? I don't want to get friend zoned.


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  • personally, I don't ever ask a guy for anything. I don't expect anything, I don't owe anything. I pride myself on my independence and I dnt ever wanna give the impression to anybody that I'm a moocher, freeloader, gold digger, etc. but obviously I'm different from most people. if you 2 have just met or just began your flirtations and still are not that intimate or familiar with each other, then I don't understand y she is asking you and not somebody else first... UNLESS she is just looking for an excuse to hang out with you more. maybe in her mind, a carride isn't such a big deal so by asking you, she is trying to gauge how much you like her... for example... if ur willign to do her the favor then that must mean you like her enough to say yes... and vice versa. I say if you are not wholeheartedly opposed to doing it, if it doesn't cause you much hardship, and you do really like her, then go ahead and help the girl out. BUT , be careful in the future of her forming the habit of asking for favors and getting sucked into a trap of her using her. trust your instincts and you should be fine. remember actions speak louder than words. let her earn your trust.


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  • Yeah you can give her a ride if really needs one as long as you don't become her own personal taxi. You said she has to do something for you first... What did you ask her? Cause that would have been a perfect opportunity to do one of two things, you could have said yeah I will give you a ride, but if I do you get to take me to dinner say Friday night 8 oclock, better answer your phone. Or depending on how much flirting was going on, you could have told her to come closer as in lean into you, and there you go perfect opportunity to kiss her.