Sexy Ulzzang? No such thing...

So I'm doing this "Style" thing in my beauty class, and I chose Ulzzang so I have have to show my whole class what Ulzzang is on myself.

Since I have slanted eyes, I end up looking "sexy" instead of Ulzzang which you need big dolly eyes for. So what do I have to do to pass off this look?

Thanks =]

And another question which I forgot to mention, Ulzzang does come from Korea, but it's also beome famous all arouns Asia and coming towards the west...

Do you think you have to be a certain race to achieve this look? Or anyone can do it.


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  • Get some false lashes and circle lenses gorl.

    Make your brows thick and straight.

    Other than that, the makeup should be very minimal and fresh looking.

    Don't make sexy come-hither facial expression. You want innocence and aegyo.

    Plenty of Ulzzangs have slanted eyes so you should be fine.

    • Aegyo. :3

    • You can be any race to achieve the look honey. I will say that it may be easier to pull off depending on what features you have. But as long you are cute and great skin you can pull it off. Actually you don't even have to be that cute, because you can accomplish much with makeup and camera angles.

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  • Fake eyelashes.


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  • Haha "Ulzzang" a Korean word.. Good choice! :P

    Well I think some people wear those colorful eye lenses

    to make the eyes look bigger, as well as some eyeliner effects.

    I don't know a lot about that though.

    • Yup I know but the word's origin is Korean. ^-^

      Hmm I can't really tell but Ulzzang means "best face" or "good looking".

      So I think it shouldn't depend on the race. But when you search the word

      "Ulzzang" you only see Asian people maybe because the origin of the world is Asian. ^-^