Every time I try and talk to a girl...

... or they try to talk to me I can't seem to keep my eyes focused on theirs. I look away and it makes me feel like a di** but I don't mean to be so I quickly glance back to theirs to try to be attentive but I keep doing it, or I look at one eye for a very long time to try to keep focus but then that's kinda weird isint it? I blank out at points to things they tell me or I answer back with nonsense, its kinda funny sometimes how I don't even know what to say. They seem to like me at first before we speak and sometimes they even compliment me (and I like it) but then I turn it into a small train-wreck and we don't seem to speak again. I feel they think I'm a douchebag or something but I'm not, so do second impressions exist? or are those "windows of opportunity" closed for ever?


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  • try to see her forehead!

    and just make your self calm down..take a deep breath..

    and the 'windows of opportunity' not closed forever..

    so keep try!

  • Focus more on what's being said, or focus on the spot on her nose between her eyes. With people you're not anxious to talk to for one reason or another, this probably doesn't happen, right?

    Americans generally have a low tolerance for direct eye contact anyway, so you can always look down at your hands, etc. Really, as long as it's clear you're paying attention to the conversation, you can look wherever you want (except around the room like you're bored or checking other girls out, and not at her chest).


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