Should I tuck in my shirt or not?

I am 19, Sophomore in college and I've been trying to dress a bit nicer. I've been wearing button ups shirts and brown, kaki pants. My only question is, is it normal to tuck in your shirt in college?

I tried it today, but looked around and saw nothing but college hoodies on and thought tucking in my shirt might be a bit much. I thought it might look professional, but it could also look nerdy.

What are your opinions?

Also, for girls, would you prefer a guy to dress nice over a guy in a hoodie or a t-shirt? Does it make them look more attractive?


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  • I think it really depends on what you consider your personal style. What you feel comfortable in.

    But, if I were going out with a group of friends or something like that, I would more than likely flirt with the guy who was more casual... nothing fancy, but not just a tshirt and shorts.

    Tucking in your shirt looks great with polos, in a semi-dressy sense...but other than that, keeping your shirt untucked looks just fine.

    • what would you consider casual?

    • Casual would be jeans, preferably dark, with maybe a button up checkered type shirt, the kind with the sleeves right at the elbow...

      Which reminds me, something that is so totally cute is when a guy wears a long sleeved dress shirt and pushes the sleeves up to his elbows...just another thought...

    • Yeah that's what I usually do, but its getting kinda cold now, so kinda gotta leave em rolled down now lol. I definitely agree though, that's a good look, I'll keep it simple.

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  • Well, most guys in college dress like sh*t. So honestly, look up Aaron Marino on YouTube. If your shirt covers a 1/4th or 1/2 of the fly and you can see your butt/ back pockets, you are fine. If the shirt goes past your butt and fly, it needs to be tucked in. Express 1MX shirts can be work either way as they can be dressy, but casual as they are short enough.

    Aaron Marino can help you better though.

  • There's a big overlap between nerdy and professional.

    Dress appropriately to your environment. I don't know what the style is on your campus, but probably no tucking given your age and that its a casual situation.

    Why do you want to look professional? You're not a professional. You're a student.

  • Not no

    Not hell no.

    F*** no.

    Unless you're wearing a suit don't tuck in your shirt

  • Under the assumption of the shirt being a long sleeve button down the rules for tucking it in are pretty simple.

    1.) If it comes to a point at the bottom then it is technically a dress shirt and should absolutely be tucked it.

    2.) If the bottom of the shirt goes past the halfway point of your fly, tuck it in.

    To make it a bit more casual you could wear a cardigan over it. Many people say leaving a shirt untucked looks really casual, but the truth is it just looks sloppy.

    • I disagree, there is a fine line. My rule is if you can see some crotch and some ass below your shirt, your fine. Then there is the in between that covers most of the fly, but still has butt showing. Then, the dress shirt goes way down past the fly and covers the butt.