I am not successful with girls. How do I become successful with them?

I am 23, almost 24 years old. I am not good with girls at all. Last time I had sex was a long time ago, well, in fact I have been sleeping with escorts because I was fed up of going without sex. At least with escorts I can pick a good looking one and do the deed without any problems.

Anyway, I am just not very good with girls. I am a decent looking guy, I'm not brad pitt, but I am not unattractive. been told I'm good looking in the past, and been complimented on my blue eyes. I have put on some weight in the last few years, so I look chubbier and the face and less defined.

Anyway. how do I become successful with girls? I am not that good at talking to girls. I get nervous and struggle with conversation. I speak to the escorts I have used, but it's more small talk and get down to business because I don't like to hang around.

I want to become an actor, so I may meet a nice girl at my drama classes I am going to soon. And I'm hoping acting will increase my self confidence. I get quite envious when I see couples, so I would like advice on how to interact confidently with girls.



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  • While I have no problems with escorts and have nothing against people who use them, it's clear that you aren't content with them. The only real way to improve your social interactions with girls is to practice, infield. Taking drama classes is a step in the right direction. If you're frequently putting yourself out there and engaging in social interactions/activities, your chances of getting a girlfriend will dramatically improve.

    One good way you could practice talking to girls is going to a crowded area like a mall, or something, and making small talk with girls (or people in general). Don't go into it with anything in mind other than making conversation. Hopefully that will kind of take away some of the pressure. If you feel you're starting to run out of things to say, and things are getting awkward, end the conversation and say your goodbyes. You could try to incrementally increase the length of the conversation.

    Admittedly, I've never tried this, as I've never had to. It was just suggested to me. I wish I could be of more use, but to be honest, I'm the same as you. I just got lucky.


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  • Here is your first problem: Stop sleeping with escorts. It's depleting what confidence you do have and if you meet a girl she's not going to want to sleep with you or date you if your hiring girls for sex. So Stop and get tested. So, now to the part about being successful. Girls want guys to put in effort. It doesn't matter if your nervous when you talk to them or if you say lame sh*t by accident, if you are sincere and you make an effort then you will be fine. Wait for a girl to come by that you really think if special and then make the first move. Just say hi and start talking. Compliment her (compliments go a looooong way). Ask her for coffee. If you really feel like things are awkward and you don't know what to say than be honest. Say "You're really beautiful and I'm nervous." That will lighten the mood, make her feel good, and give her a chance to take the lead in conversation. Girls are much less harsh about looks than guys are. We don't care about the little weight you've gained. I'm sure your attractive, so stop sleeping with escorts and realize that YOU are worth something and some girl is going to think your amazing.

  • I feel so sorry for you.

    Doing it with escorts?

    You are worth more than that dear..

    This is what I am listening to.

    (Yes.. I'm random)


    See your worth and how valuable you are.. then others will see as well.

    • You are of value.. of great price. There is no one like you.

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    • Yeah, true. But there's more pressure on a guy to have sex than girls to be honest. There's usually more pressure by his peers.

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  • step one : stop paying escorts

    step 2 : pay a seduction coatch with the money saved

    step 3 : ?

    stpe 4 : profit

  • drink some alcohol. That does some wonders for me

  • I'm some what the same way, except I can't have sex with somebody that doesn't want to have sex with me in the first place. So I can't hire a escort and I guess will continue to live a virgin.

    • Just hire an escort. They say they love to have sex. The one I paid for said on her profile that "unlike some, I genuinely love my work" and that's why I chose her. Think about all the money you spend going out to clubs, drinks, etc, you might as well pay for an escort and have a good time.

    • I feel sorry for you & that escort.

      What a sad world we live in.

      You are precious in His sight...

      A true & treasured jewel.

      Those escorts will never satisfy.

      Jesus loves you dear & wants a relationship with you.