Some questions about highlights?

i just got a full head of foil highlights, I had dark dirty blond hair (when I was little it was real blonde) and I have green eyes and pale skin so I could pull it off.

1) how often do you get touch ups? I have been informed that when your natural hair is pretty light, you don't need to get the highlights touched up so often, maybe just twice a year.

2) I also hear that over time, especially after touch ups, the highlights become more blended, and your entire head of hair starts to just look blond. a few of my friends are dirty blond like me and have been getting blond highlights for a while, they told me when the first started the highlights were a bit more stripey and then after a bunch of touch ups the entire head looks lighter, especially as hair dye fades over time.

3)does highlighting dry out the hair? my hair is very greasy so I don't really mind.

any other info about them?


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  • Touch ups depend on how fast your hair grows as well as its natural color. Obviously people with lighter hair can get away with it for longer than those with darker roots. Also because it's highlights and not a full color, you can probably get away with more. But really it's just a look and see thing. I have a friend who has fairly light natural hair and has blond highlights, but still gets them touched up every couple of months or so - just because she prefers to do it that way.

    It's up to you as to what you can tolerate and how it looks. Varies from person to person.

    Yes repeated touch ups can make your overall hair appearance look a lot lighter. Basically you're just adding more and more highlights and for a natural look it's pretty hard to just go over the same bits because they should blend into the hair anyway. So once you've had it done a couple of times or so - you could end up with more highlights than natural color.

    And sort of hair dying isn't great for the hair. Especially when you go lighter because generally there's bleach involved; so yeah it dries it out and damages it. But as long as you're not changing color every month or so, you should be fine.