He hasn't texted back!!!

So I have this guy and we both like each other and he has texted me fist all week and last night he asked me to send him a picture and I told him I would when I first got up so I sent him one and he texted back saying it was beautiful but I was in the shower so I didn't text him back for like 20 min but I did text him and he still hasn't replied and its been like 8 hours I know he has to work today and that he had an appointment at the dmv but I don't know what to think. Should I text him again but I don't want to look to needy. What should I do?


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  • lol yeah, I mean you don't want to be needy or get in his business or anything, but you do wanna know what's up and stuff. if I were you I'd send him a little joke or something. my boyfriend will disappear for periods of time because he's talking to his mom or something. it's always something stupid like that. Send him a text, I mean it's been like 8 hours and you're used to him being around. I definitely wouldn't be worried about seeming needy. I mean, if you send a pic and he said it was beautiful, then he probably likes you and wants you to text him. He probably fell in a toilet or something lol. No really I hope it's nothing serious, but it's obviously not that he doesn't like you, seeing as tho he said your picture is beautiful. :-D

    • Yeah should I just wait and text him tomorrow?

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    • Oh he called me from his dads phone cause a teacher took his away at school and he said he would call me today. do you ever feel like you getting on their nerves when you talk on the phone to them?

    • Oh, I guess that's good! I don't really mind called, but I despise voicemail messages. They are NEVER anything good...