How do I get a boyfriend?

there is this girl all the guys like her they will literally swarm her how do I be that girl even though the guys hate me please I really want a boyfriend before may all detail would be nice like how do I dress and how do I do make up and hair


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  • Dress feminine, but let it reflect your style. Keep it simple and classy. Uncomfortable, tight clothes might attract guys to you, but they will most likely be jerks who are only attracted to you physically and not interested in a relationship. Keep the makeup simple too. A lot of girls tend to go overboard on eyeliner so try to avoid that.

    Basically, just create a look that makes you feel confident. If you feel good about yourself, you'll naturally act that way around people and guys worth dating will be attracted to that open, outgoing personality.


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  • some girls are just like that, by biggest piece of advice is don't act like you're looking for someone, be content with being single.