FOR GUYS PLEASE ANSWER: What does it mean when a guy looks at you then looks down?

I wasn't staring at him or anything, I just looked to my right and saw him looking down. I think he saw me then looked down. WHY?


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  • 1. He could of just been looking down... lol, it's not impossible!

    2. Maybe he saw you turn around and he looked away, which suggests he is shy and maybe likes you. A shy guy wouldn't do this with girls he doesn't like.

    • Also, on another occasion, this guy was directly looking at me and smiling. One other time, I had to walk right past him and he had his down but was smiling. I know these are signs that he is attracted to me but shy. But why would he act like I'm not there at times if he is attracted to me?

    • It can just be random.


      Looking down/away sometimes when a girl a shy guy likes is normal too.

      From what I know, I think he likes you.

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  • There are no secret codes, or hidden rule of body language, but I have a few possiblities.

    1, He is richard gere, doing that weak acting he does in every movie. (honestly, in every seen, he looks at a lass, breathes out, roles his eye down, then looks down. And he's made a career from that.)

    2, He looked down, so to look at your tits.

    3, He made eye contact with you and that made him look away, and it just happen that he looked down to look away.

    4, Your trying to something out of nothing.

  • his shoes must of been untied


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  • he was checking you out and didn't want you to notice

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