What do you think? Can I assume he likes me?

So there's this guy in my class, and I first noticed him one day when he was sitting by me. I had to give a quick announcement for my class without preparation and I happened to look at him and he smiled at me, which made me feel better since I was super nervous as it was. Then we had to pick groups, and I joined his, but there were too many people, so I figured I would switch to another group, and then there was still too many people in the previous group I was in, and he switched to my group. Then another day I was walking with him since I started talking to him, and he usually doesn't walk where I was walking, but he kept walking and talking with me until he really had to go. And then I missed class since I was sick, and let my group know, and he asked me in class how I was feeling. Which I thought was sweet. And that day we went outside in that class to play kickball, which I didn't participate in since I was sick, so I was on the sideline, and the ball was kicked over to me out of bounds, and I got it and he cheered yeah (my name), but he didn't cheer for anyone else. Also he looks back at me in class. Can I assume he likes me?


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  • Yes you can, or at least he is interested

    make moves before he loses interest!


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