Describe your "perfect dude" terms of physical appearance and what he does.

Ideal* what's your type? Just describe it, go into detail, what you want.


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  • Height: 6'4

    Eyes: doesn't really matter.

    Hair: Brown/black/red. would not really like the guy with red hair to have long hair hahhaha

    The face has to be mysterious/dark/ yet hopeful just a enough though and full of confidence. I guess that's more of the expressions hahahah. A strong jaw line.

    Full lips. dimples/great smile. no bushy eyebrows hahahaha. Soft skin. nice hands (long/strong/manly) hahahah. Nice back. great ass. nice looking d*** (long/thick)/ nice balls shaved. Deep voice. Straight teeth. Ehhhh no facial hair.

    Um doesn't really matter as long as he's not off doing something illegal and provides stability


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  • Height: 6'3 and up

    eyes: no preference

    hair: no preference

    Race: Asian, white, black or Hispanic

    body: link

    personality: funny, caring, considerate, engaging, intelligent, open minded, calm, confident, affectionate

    Features: great firm butt, buff and strong arms, edgy look, strong legs, back and hands, 7+ inch penis(long and think as well), smells good and great hygiene, great eyes, some facial hair and good teeth. I like my men tall, big and strong.

    I prefer him to be professional. Atleast have a bachelors degree and up. I'm going for my doctorates so he needs to be up there with me

  • Starting with physical stuff, there's not much that I care about that h can't control except for being a few inches taller than me,

    The ability to grow facial hair, and

    A nice jaw.

    Lean but muscular

    Long hair

    Will wear guyliner on occasion :p

    He shouldn't be putting on that stupid polite/nice guy shpeel. We are equals, and he should not treat me like some dainty princess. He should respect me enough to treat me like an able bodied human first, and a girl second.

    Good humored, jokes around with me.

    Needs to be a musician or other artist, because like goes with like.

    Should be I intelligent enough to have interesting discussions with me. This doesn't mean he needs to go to college or be great at school, I just don't want a dull blade.

    I'd like If he would do crazy thingsm with me and travel with me.

    • I don't mean the part about equality in a way that I don't agknowledge that the two genders have certain things that they're better at. I meant that in a way that neither is inferior or superior, submissive or dominant.

    • idk about like goes with like. what about balance? oh you guru you. guyliner pshh... good answer though ;)

    • I just think in that case I have a hard time getting really close with somebody who isn't any kind of artist. I do have a pretty broad idea of what an artist is though. Ny thoughts are that if he isn't completely and utterly passionate about something than he won't completely understand me, and I won't understand him.

  • Perfect dude...?

    Well here goes


    At least 6'0

    Brown eyes

    Defined Jawline

    Big Lips

    Groomed eyebrows

    White teeth/Nice smile

    Nice toned chest

    Slim to muscular body

    Nice tan to dark skin

    I guess as 'NoOneListens21' says it all, I guess a nice looking d*** wouldn't hurt a tad :P Although I like a little hair down the region area

    And aside from looks, has to be funny and outgoing!

    • does your guy have a job?

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    • what if he's like, man... I CAN'T WAIT TO STAMP THEM FORMS!

    • Lol shiyatt, I'll stamp them with him!.. ha but in all seriousness, I don't care, as long as he can provide for himself, and we're both putting in the work, that's all I can really ask for

  • 6'3" + since I am 6ft.

    I am a sucker for gorgeous light eyes. Blue or green.

    I don't like egotistical guys or guys who think they can get any girl. I like a reserved guy who knows how to hold a conversation and be fun.

    I love chivalry. If a guy opens doors, says please and thank you, etc. he will melt my heart.

    Knows how to build things, work outside, smart.

    Likes to do anything outdoors.

    I am a bit country so in general I just want a sweet caring handsome guy.

  • Physical: 6 feet or taller, blue/green eyes, dark hair, muscular, great smile

    Personality: easy going, independent, funny, confident, loyal. someone who is easy to talk to, laughs at my jokes, can make me laugh, and has an opinion (doesn't agree with everything I say...I like a guy who can challenge me)

  • Muscular, military built. Great smile. Caring and gentle but protective and taking control when needing to :) I like a guy who isn't a prissy guy :)


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  • Hard to say, since I appreciate many types of women, there isn't a particular one that I prefer.

    Physically? I have no perfect woman. How she is though, well that part I can describe.

    Her eyes looking onward, when you look at her she knows you're looking but rather than looking back she just lets you stare at her. Her hair worn natural. Her hands, she puts them comfortably in her coat pockets. Her smile, genuine. Her sense of humor, spot on with mine.

    I think I just described my ex.

  • Yeah, it's great being around 6'5"... haha