FOR GUYS TO ANSWER: Why would a guy look directly and smile at a girl? What is he thinking when he does this?

As a guy, why would you do this?

I caught a guy looking at me twice. My eyes met his. Then as I was walking, he looked directly at me and smiled.


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  • Possible sign of interest right there, especially if he took the time to look at you twice and smile besides.

    • Yeh, I'm thinking the same but the thing is sometimes he acts like I'm not there and other times our eyes meet and I just get the feeling he was looking at me? So would you say this guy is interested or not interested? If he is interested then why does he act like I'm not there at times? It is so confusing. I need a guy's view on this.

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    • Soz, I'm probaly giving you a headache now . For your information, he has spoken to me once but after that he seemed to ignore me. For instance, he was standing and facing my friends, when I came to talk to my friends, he turned away. But last week, I met his eyes twice and it seemed like he was looking at me on them 2 occasions. Why would a shy guy act like this? Any ideas?

    • Oh OK, if he has talked to you already, then that's a little different than total shyness. It could just be that he doesn't know what to say, or he's just feeling awkward and not confident enough in having a second conversation. I wish I could tell him that a simple "hello" and a smile is always a good start.

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  • If you don't know each other either he thinks you have nice looks or some other bonus in his eyes (the book you were reading for instance or anything like that) Other possibility: you remind him of someone

  • He's probably happy when he sees you, which means he likes you. Probably is shy, and for shy guys eye contact is the easiest thing.


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