Guys and Girls - describe this body type. Why or why don't you like it?

Body types are always a topic of conversation between girls and guys. It seems that if a girl isn't stick thin guys don't want them, but is this really the case? Here is a side view picture of a girls body, tell everyone your opinion of it and if you would date a girl with a body like this. Be mature too, we aren't children!


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Personality is mostly outgoing, open to new things and new people. But if you didn't have anything to go by other than just looking at her body would you approach her if you thought she was pretty? Or is it about the body and size too?
Minus the underwear...I'm talking about the rest of the body in general (not asking if you like the underwear!)


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  • She's not too big or too small,

    but she somehow seems disproportionate to me.

    Her muscle, cartilege, and fat tissues are all very centralized, with her lower extremities lacking mass and giving her very skinny legs.

    Her midsection is linear and has no excess accumilation of fat, but her forearms are large with a low fat percentage and are comparable in size to her legs.

    Her body is downright fascinating, but in more of a scientific sense.

    • Lmao what? the legs aren't skinny and the forearms aren't large....

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    • Maybe it's the shadows and angles that make it appear that way.

    • Haha I'm glad you can see that in a pic since he can't and yet I see it everyday with proof

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  • id be all over a girl with a body that good

    • Hahaha

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    • Haha yeaaaaaaa no thanks, but I am making a vacation to vegas soon instead

    • Haha I was just making the point that you look just fine. when is this vegas trip? let me know if I can come spend the night lol

  • If she seemed nice, she would definitely be someone that I would date.

  • Uh. I have no idea who she is, what her personality is like, etc. She's not really overweight. If I liked her, I'd date her. I'm 20.

    • It's the whole package. I don't think her weight is an issue.

What Girls Said 3

  • there's nothing not to like about it. that body is not extremely toned, but it's not flabby, it's an average woman's body =] your (assuming it's you) butt would look A LOT nicer if your underwear fit right =P

    • Haha its cheeky panties..thats how they fit ppl, haven't you seen them before on girls?

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    • I agree. The underwear is the least appealing part of the pic (and not in that sense...)

    • I agree altogether and the undies comment is right. They appear a bit too small and they make the butt a bit too flat because of that. May have a flat bum anyway, and that's okay too.

  • There is nothing wrong with that girl's figure. I am just wondering, I have seen people say this a lot on this site but :Why do girls think that they have to be stick thin to get guys? You don't. You might have to be stick thin to get famous in Hollywood but most of the girls I've heard guys compliment have curves or some meat on their bones. You're fine, guys will not have a problem with your shape.

    • B/c we're constantly reminded of the famous people in hollywood and guys watch movies/pornos with skinny women and admit how they think those girls have such hot bodies..its just how society portrays it all when in reality a body like this or larger would have been what men thrived after in the 50's!

    • I agree. For some guys skinny is important, but most guys I know actually prefer a more average figure, not too skinny and not too big. Girls sometimes have distorted ideas about size and weight. Although it is true that some guys are just superficial jerks too.

  • I voted A-i think you have a hot body! (im not lesbian btw lol).

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