Ladies, makeup questions? Concealer, foundation, etc.

So I am fairly new to the makeup world and I have a couple questions. So here goes.. What is the difference between concealer and foundation (confuses me because they are both liquid) and does powder have a specific name or is it just called powder? Also in what order are you suppose to put these three items, is it foundation, powder, then concealer or what? Also what is your favorite drugstore brand for these items, which one is the best in your opinion because I don't want to waste my money on something that's not very good. Thank you in advance! Oh one more thing, is it better to blend foundation with your fingers or a brush and if a brush then what type?


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  • Concealer - is like the name suggests, used to conceal your blemishes. For dark circles under the eyes, spots things like that. Most people use concealer before foundation, to basically flatten out the skin tone so there are no really noticeable darker patches.

    Foundation is so of then used to even your skin. Give it a smooth finish. I mean basically they both do the same thing in essence - make your skin look better. But in different ways. Most people will do a whole face of foundation.

    Powder is generally a finishing powder which you put on over the foundation. It just takes away any shine or wetness that may be left from your foundation. Makes it less obvious that you're wearing foundation if that makes sense. (you can also get foundation powders, which are more intense and used instead of foundation; and not as a finishing powder. But don't get these- I don't think they're very good).

    Sometimes I use concealer after my foundation, if I have persistent dark spots. Some times I have terrible eye bags. Also it's important to buy concealer a tone or two lighter than your skin and foundation, as it's used to lighten the dark areas.

    As for drug store; I really like revlon; I used their photo-ready foundation which is about £9. L'Oreal True Match is pretty good too.

    I use a brush to apply foundation yes, because I use liquid I just find it easier. Some people use their fingers though, whatever works best for you.

    • Wow so detailed, it's much appreciated! I will def try revlon (: Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

    • No problem.

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  • OMG you have to go to Target for this. They have EVERYTHING you need for face making up. I used to go there with my ex. She was very particular about her facial needs. I used to stand there for hours watching her carefully pick out what she needed and what she liked. I was fascinated by the level of concentration that goes into it.

    Don't use too much of that stuff though, then you'll end up with a dividing line on your neck separating your makeup mask from your actual skin-tone on the rest of your body. That's just gross. You'll look like a clown. Then there's the taste of makeup when a guy goes to kiss a girl on the cheek or neck or something. Gross. Use in moderation. Please. For the sake of all those you seek to impress.

    • Don't worry, I'd never go overboard. Thank you for the answer. :)

    • TOTALLY agree...mascara is probably the one makeup which I seem to like on just about any woman...I don't even like eyeliner very OK if kept to a minimum...and I do not mind lipstick...but I bloody hate that cheek sh*t: concealer, blush and hated most of all...bronzer...Yuck, gag, retch...o.O

    • You can match your makeup pretty well to your neck, if you aren't, you're doing a poor job. Most girls can match it, and don't have a cake face. It's just if they apply it to the point that guys notice too, then there's a problem.

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  • 1. What is the difference between foundation and concealer? Basically concealer is for localised touch ups, whereas foundation is the all over main area. A good foundation will give you that 'even' look. Some people get on with powder foundations, some with mousse ones, some with liquid ones. Personally, I like moussy ones. Powder is just the generic name - I'm off to powder my nose, I need a touch of powder, etc. Powder generally refers to foundation.

    Some people will tell you apply primer first. It allows make up to stay on an even 'surface'. I personally skip it and put the foundation straight on. I have some concealer but I barely use it - I've had the same one for over 6 years now! Again, I like to use foam pads with the moussy ones and touch up with fingers, brushes are a necessity with powder.

    YouTube videos are very useful, it gives you a step by step guide. Decide a look that you want. Look into cat eyes, emo make up, natural looks, whatever you like the look of and want to try. Maybe google 'what make up will suit me'. Most YouTube videos gives you make up products names that they are using.

    Good luck.

  • Concealer is something you use before or after (depends, some people do it before, some after) the foundation. Concealer is used to hide your blemishes. Foundation is used to make your skin look smooth and hides spots too.

    Powder is just face powder, use it after your foundation to fix your make up, to make it stop shining too.

    I don't use a brush for my foundation, I feel it's going faster and more like I want it to be done if I do it without a brush. But you could use one.


    This is how most foundationbrushes look like, the shape that is. Just google some brushes or go to Boots (if you have one near you, I love to go there when I'm in England), you can go to their site where they have reviews too.

  • I use concealer first, then foundation, then powder. If you are just starting out with make up I'd recommend e.l.f ( Their stuff is really inexpensive but all the stuff I have tried I have really liked so far. Just make sure you get the right foundation and concealer color to match your skin tone. What also really helped me getting better at using and apllying make up is watching some YouTube videos on that subject :) Oh, and I use a brush, a e.l.f brush actually, this one: link and I really like it.

    • When I first clicked on the link I thought it said $30.00 and I was like woaaah 30 dollars for a brush? Then I realized it said $3.00 haha. Thank you!

    • Haha no problem :) Lot's of high end brushes cost even more then 30 bucks :P

  • i suggest you to buy 2 different colors of foundation.

    one is one more darker than your skin, second one is one level up from your real skin color.

    and better just blend both with your fingers.

    first after th e oundations mixed , you start to apply it on your forehead first..

    if it look good, I mean not to bright or not to dark on your forehead so it means it is perfect color for u. do not forget put also foundation on your neck:)

    note : do not put too much foundation..

    after foundation, now time to put conceler.. the color of conceler is again one level from your natural skin(more bright)

    and after all finish, now time to put the powder on your face and neck ;)

    and do not forget to put blush on.. do not too pink and also brown blush on color is nice, you will look more natural ;), mascara, and you can put eyeliner if you wanna go to party or club or wedding party ;)

    an soft pink lipstick..

    happy try! have fun and good luck ;)

  • Need to learn about makeup YouTube is the place to go. There are so many beauty guru's on there and most of them won't stir you wrong. I'm pretty many other people answered your questions by now. Good Luck :)

  • concealer is a different formula, it is made to cover up certain "problem spots" especially under the eyes. foundation is made to even out the complexion of the entire face and goes on your whole face, people use it to get a smoother and more finished/perfected looking face.

    powder is just powder.

    you put on concealer, then foundation, then powder or at least that is how I do it.

    i cannot find a drugstore concealer I like because I have very heavy dark circles so I buy an expensive product. but for foundation I really like maybelline super stay

    i also like maybelline dream matte powder. I put a light bit over my foundation and concealer to set it the powder is not supposed to show much.

    they make foundation and concealer brushes. I just use my fingers though.