Lips, lips, lips!

Guys, what do you think when girls wear red lipstick? Turn on, turn off? And why?

This one guy I had a thing with really didn't like me wearing it, he even told me not to one time because it looks 'retarded' and I just look better without it...I still wear it occasionally regardless haha. So just wanna know what the male consensus on this is?


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  • It looks cheap

    • Haha fair enough.

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    • Yup I agree with ya sweetaspie...totally old hollywood, but that's why I asked this questions 'cause guys totally don't see it that way at all. It falls under the topic of fashion and in a guys' mind -- there's a wall there.

    • [You can tell you are over 45 telling her red lipstick looks cheap!] contradicts [Reminds me of old hollywood.] ;-)

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  • One remark here from an European: the American girls I've seen use their make up with much more brains than some European girls who tend to overdo it.

    (nothing personal here, of course)


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  • my boyfriend HATES lipstick..he thinks it looks disgusting. honestly though, if you wear it in a way that it isn't very noticeable guys probably won't think you're wearing anythign! this is my tip: put it on lightly, blotch it off with toilet paper and then put CHAPSTICK ontop. it doesn't sounds great, but it ends up looking completely natural!

    • There is no way to make red lipstick look like you're not wearing it haha. I know how to wear my make up so it looks like I don't have anything on but I'm asking specifically about red lipstick for the odd occasions where I throw it on =)