Guys, why do you put your head down and look at the ground when you see a female walking towards you?

This thing has been puzzling me for such a long time because a lot of young guys in their twenties do it to me.Could you please kindly help me solve the mystery once and for all?Many thanks for your help!

  • Guys do that when they don't want any interactions with the female.
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  • Guys do that when they thought that the female fancy them and they are not interested.
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  • Guys do that because they think that the female is so incredibly pretty.
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I am 38 years old.Thanks.


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  • Ha, I don't! I hold my head up high! It doesn't bother me if she gives me the evil look, or says hello with a smile. Usually though in the West, it's the former, in the Middle and Far East, it's the latter.

    Holding one's head down is a subconscious act of self-acknowledging your inferiority. Any woman with half a brain will avoid a guy who does such a thing!

    • Thanks.But why avoid a guy who does such a thing?

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    • aw, you're welcome, and thanks too.

    • Ah, a young woman ;)

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  • I'd never do that unless I'm embarrassed abut something, or I know she doesn't want to alk with me. I smile and if I get no response, I give her a high five motion and a wink.

  • I never bend my head, even the goddess walking towards me.

  • Because we don't want to be caught staring or give off the impression that we were staring at them.

    • Thanks.Do outgoing guys do this also?

    • Truth be told, I think most of the time anyone does this is when they're caught off guard and do it as a reflex.

      I didn't actually realize that many guys do it.

    • Most of them do it when I am walking towards them to buy something from them.It is obvious that they do it after seeing me as I am usually the only customer there at that time.

  • Three words: "I Holla Back". That is the reason why a lot of guys try to avoid eye contact.


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