What do you think of slim fit and/or skinny fit suits on guys?

Do you think skinny fit and slim fit suits look good on guys? Or do you prefer normal fit suits? I'm slim but I don't own a slim fit suit and I need to buy a suit for a friend's suit on Friday. I already own a normal size suit but I think a slim fit suit would look better.

Your opinions?


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  • I think they look quite hot on guys ;)

    But I think you should have both. I tend to like a whole range of things, from punk shows to operas (not kidding), so I think you should wear a slim fit suit to an edgy venue or a club, but for more formal events or carnegie hall, the met, etc. you should wear a normal suit/tux.

  • Suits are supposed to be snug. I hate baggy suits. Nothing is more annoying than when a man spends a ton of money on a suit and it doesn't even fit right.


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  • normal-slim yes

    skinny no