How do I talk to him or get him to talk to me?

I like this guy at school, I think he likes me too because he always looks at me, walks by me a couple of times a day and he also looks through my class door window sometimes when he is let out of his class early and he is leaving.

I smiled at him Monday when he looked at me and he smiled back, but today he didn't really look at me, if he didn't I didn't see him but he passed by me and stayed looking at his phone. When his class let out early he looked through my class door window again and kept walking.

He seems shy and I am also very shy.

How do I get him to talk to me or me talk to him?


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  • lol why did this stuff never happen to me while I was in school?!?!

    Just bite your tongue, grab his arm and talk to him!

    When you do it, think of how happy you guys could be together :) That will give you the inspiration to do it!

    • Lol what if he doesn't like me and gets all freaked out if I grab his arm. I just don't know how to go up to him because his class a bit down the hall from me and he just walks by me looking but yet the people who are in my class are all around so it will be weird stopping him in front of them lol

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    • You can do it, just don't talk yourself out of it. Just think about something that calms you down, like fluffy kittens, or cute little pit bulls! Whatever floats your boat

      I believe in you!

    • Ah thank you very much :)

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  • If you have the courage to smile at him, you would surely have the confidence to talk to him. Do you know what time he starts his class? Try to arrive there few minutes early to talk to him. Nothing big, just say hi and introduce yourself. Give him a compliment of his shirt, the color that compliments him, or pretend you have question about something etc etc...

    • Yea our class starts at the same time. We usually see each other like for 18 min. I could compliment his eyes because he has pretty eyes lol that's the first thing I noticed about him.

    • There you go. His eyes, yes it will be a good start. Remember, not to sound too desperate or pushy or you might scare him away. But whatever, be yourself, be a little mysterious and fun. They say,"don't lay all eggs in one basket".

    • I think that's how I will start the conversation. Thank you :)

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