Why do black girls give each other dirty bad looks/stares?

It's so annoying. I am not saying all of them doing this but in my life I have experienced it quite often. With no reason to..


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  • All girls do this.you just notice it more in black girls because you're black, and other black girls are competition so hence the catty behavior. Take it as a compliment. Trust, if you were a size 3 blond white girl then you'd be getting looks from other white girls.

  • It's not always about being black. Not every action is going to relate to the fact that the person has African ancestry so people, including you on this post, should stop trying to make it a 'black issue', be smart, and realize it's a HUMAN issue.

    For one, black girls who usually do that are ghetto. Ghetto people in general tend to lack hometraining and social grace. As an African American, I hate to say it, but it's true and it sucks because not all ghetto people are that way but a majority of them are. They think it's charming and cool to have nasty fckn attitudes, be disrespectful, and do disgraceful, deplorable things. Some ghetto people pride themselves on how many bad things they can do be it making fun of someone or just being a straight up b*tch. They'll look for any situation where they can prove themselves and to other people that they are "bad" and not to be messed with.

    Other than that, if a black girl is doing it, she's probably insecure. She probably doesn't like herself very much for whatever reason and is envious towards other females in general.

    Or the girl is just having a bad day and you're being self-absorbed by assuming it's all about you and it's a color issue.