What makes a girl go a certain direction

A girl in my English class today (who I find very cute, and has one of those high pitched but not annoyingly high voices) walked into class today and was heading towards her seat in the usual direction she goes however today she says aloud "you know what, I'm going to go this way instead (it happened to be right in front of me, and her usual route isn't). As she sat down I yelled to her "it wouldn't have mattered anyway". She looked back and just sort of gave that half smile that people do when they're amused but not laughing. As she talked to another guy in the class, I could see her looking back at me a couple times (but that could be because I was sort of listening in)


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  • Sometimes, girls just "feel" like going a different way, or people are in their way, or perhaps, there's a cute guy and they want to catch his attention. Now, there are two main possibilities here. Either, you were not on her radar at first, and she simply spoke out loud that she was going to go another way, and your comment placed her on your radar.Or, you were already on her radar, and she was more than happy to have gotten your attention. The easiest way to know which one it is in this case is to give it time. Have a conversation, see if she pays more attention to you, the typically kind of things, and you'll know for sure what it means. Maybe you'll even get to ask her yourself.


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