Wanting to dye my hair..

I don't change my hair color often, and if I do its usually just a darker brown. I have a strong desire- I guess- to go blonde! But I am absolutely afraid of how it will look.

I've tried those websites where you can put different styles and colors on your picture, but it looks so damn goofy.

Has anyone, females mostly, ever been always brunette, and went blonde? Do you have advice or a before and after pic?


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  • Well, gentlemen do prefer blondes. But then, I never have been a gentleman haha.

    Seriously though, you could try blond wigs similar to the hair style you want and see how it looks.


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  • Get blond streaks, I love it when a girl has those.

    • I did that a few years ago, I hated it. People called me Hannah Montana.

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    • That is very pretty, but the girl that did mine made it super chunky. I looked horrible.

    • You're right, I agree, that IS pretty. You know what you should do? Give it another shot, and this time hopefully not with a sh*tty highlighter.

      I love highlights <3

  • Natural is what I like and I like darker hair


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  • yes,i have,and I had to dye it 5 times for it to actually look blond (went red first,then ginger,then strawberry blonde,then dark blonde,and finally-light blonde)so,if you're willing to put up with that,and it will take a long time because you don't want to dye your hair several times in a short period of time-it will go blonde.

    • I would probably bleach it first so I won't need to dye it so many times. Did you end up liking it?

    • yes,and coloring the roots is not nearly as hard. I wouldn't recommend bleaching,dye is less aggressive,bleach can end up frying your hair,my mother did it ONCE,and her hair which had always been healthy,strong and thick started falling out in chunks.

  • I wouldn't go blond myself because I am really dark but if you look at my pictures, I go for a really light brown and that makes me softer. What is your physical appearance like? Were you a blond child? What is your eye color? Blondes also look amazing on brown eyes. I suggest if you are unsure, go try on a couple of wigs. Forget the syle, just focus on the color.

  • I did think about it once, but I never went through with it. I finally did try some purple hi lights. I did like the way it turned out and I got a lot good comments.

  • here is my guideline:

    1) is your hair light brown or lighter?

    2) were you a blond child?

    3) do you have light eyes now?

    4) is your skin fairly light?

    people who answered yes to all of these can pull off blond fairly well. my natural hair changed as I got older to pale brown with some blond undertones (but it wasn't quite blond anymore, just light looking) but I fit all the above and I highlight my hair blond and got so many compliments on it!

    but, there are many dyed blondes who look very fake. unless you have the right look (right skin tone, eyecolor, etc) it will probably look phony and artificial. blond hair is very pretty but when it is done on somebody who is not suited for blond it can really look bad in my opinion.

    i don't think the websites are a great help.

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