The positive thing about being an average looking girl. Do you agree or disagree?

The positive thing about being an average looking girl is knowing that whoever guy that is with you loves you for who you are .

Hahaha today me and my friends were trying to see if there are any positive sides of being average looking or a "plain jane "


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  • That might be a good one for a girls ego, but there's another side to it that you're not getting.

    For every type of girl out there, tall, short, thin, fat, ginger, whatever, there's a selection of guys who will think she is the hottest thing in the world.

    You might think you're a plain jane, but it's possible you'll run into a guy who thinks you are sex on legs. And if he's an a**hole, he's just as capable of using you as a normal guy is capable of using a regular "hottie".

    In other words, just because you think you're a plain Jane, don't assume that the guy you're dating thinks the same. It's quite possible he doesn't.

    • I was gonna write something but I'll skip it cause it's the same as this pretty much. Which leads to two sayings. There's someone out there for everyone. And beauties in the eye of the beholder.

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  • Totally disagree.

    You can be below average looking and guys could still be with you because you have a vagina and look better than his other options.

    Also the idea that real love is about who we are and ignores what we look like is just propaganda we are fed as kids. We are discouraged from trying to become more physically attractive. Why? Might lead to sex.

    Ideally the person with you loves your personality and your body. And of they don't love both, it hurts bad.

    • I agree but I'd say we're discouraged of trying to be more physically attractive because we only have so much control over our looks so there's no need in stressing over it. Plus many are probably jaded and jealous so they rationalize.

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    • Does your lady embrace grumpiness?

    • lol frumpiness

  • if you don't display the signs of health and attractiveness then what hope do you have to have kids or w/e...

    often times the difference between some avg girl and the "hot" girl is the tan, the tight clothes, make-up, and hair

    give me any white girl and I'll make her a star, if you start with a white girl as a "base" you can add anything to her to make her attractive, dye her hair for example...

    don't believe me? Look at Kate Gosslin's before and after pics, also look at katy perry's before and after pics,

    once those ho's got stylists, they went way up on the scale...

  • Lol that is a good one yes


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  • That's actually a good point. You won't attract the shallow guys (unless you're his type, like you're a 160 lb redhead and he only dates big booty redheads). So if you're average I think there are still people who would find you hot. But yeah you won't get the guys who are all about looks. You know what's funny most of the girls who got married early are what you'd call average.

  • Not really

    It seems like nonsense to make average girls feel good about themselves