Do girls care when you don't care if you let them catch you looking at them

Haha, confusing title, sorry anyway I was in class the other day, looking at this girl who I find very attractive. I could tell she was looking at me because I wouldn't look away until she looked away first (she was actually talking to another guy at the time).

I've said some things to her but we've never really had a conversation that's lasted more than like 2 minutes not because I won't but because I can't. I just don't know how to converse with a girl for a long time, no idea why!

But anyway back to the question, do girls care when they catch you looking at them? (particularly with this specific girl in question)


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  • she probably thinks you're into her. right now she is probably thinking you over, deciding whether she is interested or not. but when a girl catches you staring (depending on your facial expression) they take it as a compliment. sorry I don't know if I awnserd your question:/

  • I feel like yes we care, well i care i sometimes get stared at by someone who i find attractive and let me tell you it reallyyyy matters like damn! I can't stare at them and it makes me feel guilty like damn i feel bad!! Im making them feel like their not attractive!!! putting them like feel down. So it does matter.:)


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