Best mascara out there

So I'm looking for a new mascara... I personally like full lashes, but I don't want my lashes to look superrrr long. just give them a little bit of lenght, and lots of thickness :)



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  • jordana best lash extreme volumizing mascara is AMAZING! and it's very cheap, under 4 dollars! I have tried so many expensive and drugstore ones and this one beats them all. although it is not so easy to find but a lot of walgreens and duane reade sell it as well as k mart.

    i also like maybelline falsies gives a lot of drama and thickness especially with 2 coats, although my eyes personally were allergic to it but a lot of people like it.

    • Aw yeah my eyes were allergic to the falsies too, but thanks for your answer! I'll check the jordana mascara out

    • you should it is so buildable and adds a ton of volume and length and fullness! it barely clumps and just keeps building and building! it also doesn't run easily and stays on all day! it's the best! the covergirl isn't as good IMO. it clumps, and doesn't add good length.

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  • I use this link

    It gives lashes lots of thickness and it doesn't make them super long.

    It's one of my favorite makeup products and it's not very expensive.

  • CoverGirl LashBlast(Orange tube)..amazing sh*ttt yo^.^

  • I think Maybelline has pretty good ones. For a more expensive one, I really liked Bad Gal by Benefit