Two-piece men suit or three- piece men suit....confused..

So I have almost a dozen of three and two piece men suit,.,but it always confuses me when to wear which one...ANY SUGGESTIONS?

i mean which one to wear for,date,family occasions and bla bla


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  • What colors and designs are they? What do you wear them for? What shirt and tie colors/designs/combos do you have?

    • Oh. Well that makes this a whole lot easier lol. Parties: probably the three (depending on how formal it is). Office: definitely two (where do you work?). Date: first couple of dates, two. Once in the actual relationship, your discretion. Church: two. Family occassions: your discretion (funerals, TWO). And...that's all I can think of for now.

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    • Okay, I say save the checkered one for going out dancing, a fun night out with the guys, an office party (depending on the situation). Everything else, I will refer to my original comment.

    • ok..thank you

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  • just do a two piece.

  • Both are fine and it depends on where you are going.

    • In most of the occasions you mention I would sat 2 piece is appropriate

    • so when to wear a 3 piece

    • To a wedding, funeral, important business meeting

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