Im looking for advice on lingerie

hiya I'm now a 38dd I'm 16 and wounder should I stay with padded bras or change my style at this stage and if so any ideas thanks x


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  • doesn't matter. if you like it, do it

    • how do you mean x

    • meaning, it shouldn't matter what we think. if you like to wear them, go ahead. we're not going to stop you

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  • Go pushup not padded for lingerie (actually at a DD you must have some nice cleavage naturally so you son't have to bother! I would stick away from padded and go for a sexy lace :D) Push up could make them look more perky though and the cleavage would be very tight.

    Just in case you don't know, padded makes breasts look bigger by padding the entire cup around. Pushups have it underneath to give you breasts a lift and push together.

    • hey thanks hun 4 da advice it a help! I didn't feel comfie talking to my mum or sisters,x

    • You are quite welcome :) Hope you have fun lingerie shopping ;)

    • i will hun thanks, did a bit shoping today so gona try dem on l8r x