Even though gay guys are going for the opposite, they get all the attention from girls.

So I have girls tell me that gay guys are always styling, and it confuses me that even though gay guys are going for the opposite they get all the attention from girls. So how do they do it!


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  • Not only are they like a best friend. They understand were you come from! They know that girls can be jealous and rude and that sometimes guys can be jerks! They will help you understand guys. Even if they are gay they are usually really hot!. 6-packs and everything because they care so much about their figure! Usually they wear nice clothes, and they do their hair and they smell nice. What girl doesn't want a guy that will come over and be just like a best friend that really helps you!?!

    i love guys like that.


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  • They can be themselves around the guy without any threat. I love gay guys. They make the best of friends.

  • I think girls like them because they are clean and well groomed/dressed and usually smell nice. Haha Maybe girls can relate more to them.

  • They aren't a threat. They don't want anything but friendship. No sexual tension. They are honest when you ask about how you look. Its really relaxing.


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  • There nonthreatening that's why there is no fear that he will try and make a move or ruin the friend ship, plus its the whole I want what I can't get thing.

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