Interested or just being polite/nice?

I'm not sure if the guy I like feels the same way :/ maybe he's just being nice :/

During class, I saw him looking at me...we had an awkward eye contact like, 3-4 times loll.

And when my paper fell, he was the first one to pick it up .

During another class (in which we sit next to each other) sometimes he puts down his calculator loudly or shoves my folders towards me.. and he's always looking at my work or copying or just looking over my shoulder.. and when I need to, he lets me copy his work without me even asking and gives me his whole work book to copy from and is smiling sometimes (but he smiles at everyone -_- )

The other day, I was copying his work and his head was so close to mine :S

I'm not sure if he's just generally a nice guy or is trying to get my attention :p which I don't give to him because I'm extremely shy, which is also why I don't look at him while I talk..but when I do, he is sometimes looking directly at me (makes me feel conscious LOL so I look away) or he looks down .

The reason why I'm so confused about this is because he's like, reaaaally hot and cute LOL and all the girls at college want him.. instead of the pretty, sexy girls, he's giving attention to me lmao.. I'm like, over weight duude rofl, why would he want me LOL (ok ya he might just be nice and shallow but still.. out of all of them, why me lol)

Also, from what I have gathered, he seems shy... blah I don't know :(

Oh and also, he only does this in classes.. when we see each other outside of classes, he simply acts like he doesn't know me -__-

What to dooooo ... what to think lol ?

He does all of the above and then sometimes doesn't even look at me even during the same class, which is really frustrating -_-

Is he just being nice or something else :p or am I imagining and looking into things too much =/


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  • I actually think I've really got this question almost figured out.

    And I am sorry if this may not be what you wished to hear. I could be wrong, but chances are, if you're asking this question probably the guy doesn't have feelings for you.

    BECAUSE, it is actually really obvious when someone likes you. What you need to look for isn't her behavior , the diameter of her pupils, blushing, and all that stuff. You just need to look for one thing: Initiative. If the person is taking initiative to talk to you, compliment you, going out of her way to interact with you, that's the strongest indicator that she likes you. Even if it means she/he is staring at you at lot, or constantly looking at your direction, that's still initiative (albeit a shy one). If on the other hand you're the one initiating the conversation, eye contact, and you inituitively feel the person is being hot and cold or disinterested, and it's all one-way street, chances are it's not on.

    So for example, a girl comes up to me to offer coaching advice on the rowing machine. That's her volition, she didn't have to do that for me. That would make me think there's more chance she likes me, than a girl I approach and she flirts back to me, even if the second girl is being very flirtaceous. Because some girls just like the attention and lead guys on in reciprocation (and in this girl's case she's a pathological flirt as I've come to know her as friend), whilst for a shy girl to approach you at a gym she may have to dress it up as giving tips.

    So that's what I'd look for - whether the guy is ACTIVELY showing signs of interest, rather than passively responding to your advances (whether good or bad responses).



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