Why is there constant competition with females?!

The vibe that I get from females is that, they're always trying to look better than one another. I've had experiences where I would be in a mirror and a female will get in front of me and make this whole scene; looking at her butt, flipping her hair and going all out. Also, when I admire a girls' beauty and try to say "hello" to her, they're so stuck on themselves that they prefer not to respond to me. Even when I'm walking past a female and I'm feeling great, her strut becomes a lot more aggressive to show off her confidence. I'm getting agitated with females. We all have different forms of beauty, so why the competition?


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  • Many females are just so insecure and don't know how to accept what they have physically. Then they allow that insecurity to make them make an ass out of themselves by coming off as a rude b*tch.

    If you are truly confident, you don't have to force an aggressive strut. You don't have to be a b*tch and obsess over your physical beauty in the mirror, after you shame mommy's hometraining and rudely get in front of someone. True confidence is not something you have to try doing. Also, true confidence doesn't come from the outside in, it comes from the inside out. It starts with who you are and what you can contribute, not how great make-up looks on you or how long you can get your hair to grow.

    There's this quote by Shakespeare "We all will laugh at gilded butterflies"

    'Gidled' means to cover with a layer of gold or to give a deceptively attractive appearance to. A butterfly that is already beautiful doesn't need to paint it’s self gold because it's naturally beautiful. It's the same concept for those bitches who add all of this fake sh*t to build their "deceptive attractiveness" but in actual reality, they have nasty fckn attitudes and have little if any social grace.

    With girls like that, you just have to look at them and smile because you are not like them and because you are not like them, you will always have an upper hand with men, with friends, and with life in general :)

    • Girl you are too intelligent to be screwin up your vocab with curse words ha ha xD that was all so very true and well-put. Confidence has to stem from somewhere! You can't just throw on makeup and change overnight. Its all a game of pretend and to may people are playing it. That's why I just think acting stuck-up is disgusting! Its nasty to me. I don't want to deal with anyone like that. My sister has all the looks and I have the personality. So, I go through it!

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    • talk, talk talk! talk until your fingers hurt! That's what this place is for :) exchanging intellect <3

    • Lolz amen 2 that :p

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  • Yeah it's just there own insecurity seeping though, especially when you compliment them and they act all rude. God I hate b!tches like that, when that happens I loudly take the compliment a back lol as for the competition thing I myself fall prey to that. (I am an insecure monster lol) I don't know what it is about crazy hot girls that make me want to kill myself. But that's how I feel. But I try not to show it or be rude about it.

    • Yes! I feel you! Those girls want you 2 feel like that, so don't give them that satisfaction that they don't deserve. They can act however they won't and public but only God knows what's really behind that makeup and that super hot body. Have you ever seen a super unattractive girl who makes it seem like she's so hot and gets all the guys? The time who's overly confident even tho she looks like a gremlin? Haha... you start 2 believe how she makes herself out 2 be. If she can do it, you can 2.

  • yes, in our society, women are taught to be in competition with each other. looks are especially seen as important. it can be annoying, but it's also not surprising. I blame the media and society in general. lol

    • Yes. The media to me, is nothing but eurocentric brainwash. Light skin, straight and long hair and God knows what else. I'm proud to be me and I don't consider any race or anyone to be superior over me.

    • I'm glad you don't buy into what the media says. Sadly, a lot of girls do.

    • 4realz there needs 2 b some change haha

  • Women are raised to be insecure and to compete with each other. They are raised to value themselves based on looks and love they get from guys, and not based on their personalities and accomplishments. So they see other girls as competition and they don't want them to be prettier or to get more attention from guys.

    But having said all that, my friends and I are nothing like that. We support each other, encourage each other, there's no bitchiness or competition at all. I'm genuinely kind to other women and they usually respond in the same fashion.

    • That's wussup. All that matters is that you don't have 2 b surrounded by bs. At the end of the day, your surrounded by down-2-earth peepz. I wish it was like that s me :/ a lot of my friends just dress 2 impress 2. N this is so true.. we hold barbie dolls and that's what beauty becomes for us.

    • Well I do hope you find some quality friends! Good luck!

    • Y thank you :)

  • I've seen it too. Not so much among my group of friends (I don't think I'd be friends with many people like that), but I have seen it. My personal favorite example of this behavior is the female who puts up a profile picture of herself looking extra attractive while her friend stands beside her looking bad... I'm just like, ugh, you know exactly what you're doing when you put that photo up and that's just mean!

    I think the people who say it's the media and insecurity are correct, but I think it must be a combination of these two. It's depressing, why can't we all get along? And start acting how we want to please ourselves not to please other women/society? I don't wear makeup beyond some concealer and I know I get stares from other females for not meeting feminine beauty ideals and it sucks! But I feel I am pretty as I am and I don't need makeup for other girls to like me. I get boyfriends as it is so why change?

    • Yes exactly. We shouldn't have to constantly change ourselves cause its gonna be to the point where, we lost our identity for trying to impress others. That's good you don't wear make up an all cause neither do I. No weave, perm or makeup. Not saying that its wrong. Because some peiple were actually raised on it.

    • That's awesome that you don't wear makeup either. Others can do what they want, it's not wrong as you said, but it does make me sad when people have so little confidence in their own natural appearances. That looking natural is no longer about being completely natural but instead about 'minimal' makeup and such.

    • Right that's so true. Some girls on YouTube were saying, well if people are fake then natural people are fake for using a comb to do their hair; cause if you were so natural, you wouldn't need a comb. It was so stupid and they had all this makeup on. Lolz and the comments were disabled... go figure.

  • I don't see this much in the women I'm around, but I've seen it BEFORE, and I think it's pretty obvious that the media pits us against each other by making our "ultimate goal" to be the most attractive woman, inevitably meaning you have to compete against everyone else. We do all have different forms of beauty, but according to the media, there is only one.

    • Yea and that's just pitiful. I believe that there are people who see different forms of beauty but they just refuse to accept it because they're brainwashed. Too many people don't have a mind of their own.I mean, there's always gonna be some1 more beautiful than the next perso so competing is a waste of time.

  • omg it pisses me off! usually the really competitive girls are the insecure ones. when I was younger I wasn't so confident but as I got older I grew into my skin and I realized that while I am not the next VS angel I am fairly attractive, definitely enough that I can attract men and that's all I care about.

    some of my friends are competitive like this, always bragging about guys' attention. I know these are insecure girls and sometimes I feel targeted but I know I am just as good looking as they are and they are just insecure. I happen to not be insecure about how I look, doesn't mean I think I am perfect. I just accept my strengths and weaknesses and overall I am satisfied with myself most days and I don't try to compete with other girls.

    i do agree that many girls are so competitive though. but it seems like a lot of them are competitive in different ways like they brag and boast abotu male attention etc

    • This is very true and I'm proud of you for being comfortable in your skin. I feel like its an insecurity also. I don't understand why such pretty girls ask shady towards me. Maybe they see like I'm not trying to be like everyone else and competing, like them. When people boast, they don't have any good karma for that. I believe that boasting is a sin and whatever you're bragging about can be taken away.

  • All of my friends are really chilled out and cool, so I don't know why you're having this experience with all the females you're encountering. I feel like you're probably filtering your perception of normal events to fit some kind of pre-conceived notion, honestly.

    • Look up. Other females agree with me. So I'm not the only one. You're one person, with a circle of friends.

    • I'm not saying that people who are a**holes don't exist ... just that they are usually balanced out by nice, friendly people. People tend to find what they're looking for... Try opening yourself up to friendliness and searching for posiitive interactions and see what happens.

    • I agree with this to an extent