Why do I get more male attention when I look my worst?

I don't get it. I look terrible right now. I have a cold so my eyes are wattery and droopy. My nose is red. My pockets are full if tissues. And I keep sniffeling, yet as I walk down the streets, guys keep looking and smiling at me. I'm just not in the mood so I keep walking. I usually smile back but I don't feel so great.

so yeah. The point is, I look and feel disgusting. But when I am fine, I don't get this much attention. I am dressed the same as usual and my makeup is the same but its just my face and my runny nose and coughing that makes me look gross.

Well what's so appealing? Also when I'm not sick, and I just have a bad hair day or I just don't look nice, I get more attention. What gives? Do I just let myself go? ha ha (I won't do that. )


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  • Men are attracted to vulnerability. If you look really well put together, you're still going to attract men, but you're also going to intimidate a lot of them as well. If you look nice, but also little bit harried or sick or worried, men are going to be more comfortable approaching you.

    There is a creepy aspect to this, and I can imagine that as a woman it could be pretty annoying, but the charitable way to think about it is that most men legitimately do want to help women if they are able to, and if you look like you need help, they find that subconsciously appealing.

    I've got a friend who said she never got approached more by guys than when she was on crutches. So there you go.


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  • When your sick or not feeling right you are 100% yourself..ya don't care about the bs around you in life when you feel terrible.. your probably a pretty girl, but I get turned off by pretty girls that are too aware of their surroundings cause they seem fake. Since your attractive and being yourself its like a magnet. We are dumb, but not that dumb.


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  • The guys you attract when you look your worst are the guys with the lower confidence who feel they can't pull a girl that looks her best. Guys have self esteem issues too

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