What kind of clothing do I need to go with (faux) snakeskin boots?

First off let me say I think killing such an amazing animal as a snake or an alligator (any animal beyond cattle actually) just to make clothing out of their skin is disgusting. How can I call snakes and alligators my favorite animals if I'm walking around wearing their skin?

That's why I insist on it being faux snakeskin (I've all ready found out that you can get this). I think it looks awesome so basically what I'm talkin' about is a pair of boots that LOOK like they're made out of snakeskin.

I've got my eye on these chelsea boots made with faux white and black snakeskin, mainly white with black pattern. They look amazing, but what do I wear with them? How does the rest of the get up go? Because they're a very special item... they'd be a novelty that I'd only wear every once in a while.

Right now, I usually wear very fashionable jeans, fashionable t-shirts or occasionally a shirt, a brown (real) leather jacket and caramel chelsea boots.

So any advice of what other clothing items I should get to go with snakeskin boots like the ones I described? ...I feel like they might go with some jeans, maybe my best ones even, but I suppose I wouldn't know until I see it for myself...


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  • I agree with you about killing snakes and gators. So yeah go with the foux boots. And as far as any other clothing, dude you need a cowboy hat. Trust me, sounds like we got the same style lol. But I wear leather cowboy and biker boots or work boots.

    • I'm interested in cowboy boots too, always have been. Proper cowboy boots go rather high up though - I like that my chelsea boots are just a little up the ankle. One thing I don't like about my chelseas is that I don't think they're toe is pointed enough, which is something most cowboy boots DO have lol.

      I suppose a white cowboy hat with a white/light shirt and jeans would probably go with a light colored pair of faux snakeskin boots.

    • Yeah sounds like a good get up to me. And if you are thinking of cowboy boots they can be a little annoying at first but you get used to them quick. And really comfy once you break them in. Just a bitch to get off lol

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  • It's gotta be black on black. Everything black except those lovely boots. Oh, Yeah.


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  • Of course, a cowboyhat with a silver rim. If you live in Colorado, you can wear your six-gun and look like a full-fledged cowboy.

    Denims of course go well, maybe spurs, but be careful of tearing someone's leg open with them. DO they make faux spurs, you know, made of rubber or something?

    You can carry a lariat just to add to the cowboy efffect. Practice a couple of rope tricks in case someone accuses you of being a fake cowboy.

  • Well most boots go well with jeans.