A question for guys about hair!

I'm a guy and I just wanted to know if this happens to all guys or is it just me.

My hair is quite short, but long enough to style. Like around one 1/2 inch back and sides and about 3 to 4 inches on top.

So I get my haircut about once a month, pretty standard.

I don't particularly like how my hair is right after my haircut, but about one - 2 weeks after my hair is at its best.

There's no split ends and when I put products in my hair, they last the whole day.

But around 3 - 4 weeks post haircut, when I'm due another haircut, my hair just feels so heavy and thick and I have to keep putting products in my hair.

And my hair is next to impossible to style.

Sorry I know it's a long question about hair especially for a guy, but appreciate the answer.


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  • My brother feels this way too... it's normal, no big deal :) just cut your hair when you feel its heavy...


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