Looking for reviews on this bow, but can't find any. Can someone help?

I saw this bow at d***'s called Mockingjay longbow. Which I'm guessing is a Hunger Games inspired bow. There were only two bows left. I looked on their site for reviews but it didn't come up in the search. So I don't know if I should get it. I'm looking into doing archery since my boyfriend just got a bow and arrow and I really want to do the same thing. So not sure what bow I should get for just starting out.

It said it's a youth bow for ages 10 and up and I'm 29, so I don't know. Should I get a youth bow that's like 25 pounds? My boyfriend has a 55 pound one and it's hard for me to shoot. So I know I should get something lighter.

It looks like this: link -----I don't think that's the actual one, but it looks like that.


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  • Just get it.


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  • If you love the movie that much, get it.

    But realistically, you're better off with a compound bow than with a longbow. Compound bows make it a lot easier to use a powerful bow.

    And second what the other guy said, go to a weapon store that sells bows, they should have someone who actually knows the stuff there.

    • Yeah I'll have to go to the store in Brewster next Saturday to check it out. I'm really looking to get a recurve bow. That's what my boyfriend is starting out with. I just don't like the compound bows just look ugly. I used to do archery in 5th grade when I was a girl scout, but that was just for a little while and we used a real recurve bow. I don't remember that I had any problems with it.

  • I like how the name of the store got censored :D

  • so I would recommend you go to an actual hunting/archery shop not d***s...they can help get a properly sized bow for you. id also suggest you try to get a used compound bow instead of a longbow. compound bows have "let off" which means that once you pull the string back you do not have to fight the whole draw weight while you are aiming. don't worry about it not being girlie they make some that are and would actually be sized for you. it might be hard to find a girlie one used tho.

    if you aren't sure if you really want to spend much money you can get a youth bow that is just for fun. still would suggest you go to an archery shop for a starter bow because they will be more helpful than d***s

    • I don't really care for the compound bows. But I guess I could try it out. Not looking for it in pink. I'll pick whatever color. Mostly black.

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