How badly did I screw up our friendship?

I have known him for almost 4 years. He liked me for a bit last year, got over me then liked another girl who he had made out with during the summer, and she had gotten expelled this year. I had developed feelings for him earlier this year, and Thursday before last I had told him how I felt about him, he had never said anything back to me. I have been ignoring him to see what he will do and we haven't talked since then and the only words he has said to me are if I messed up his locker which was Thursday and I told him no and turned my back to him. I took my stuff out of his locker on Friday and he gave me a sad/pissed look but that was the end of it. He stared at me all Tuesday and Wednesday, and has posted things on twitter like "anything I do at this point will get back to you and make me look bad so what's the point?" I'm not completely sure if the 'you' is about me but I'm almost positive it is. I just want to know if I really screwed up that bad with him. Please be nice and no rude answers, I'm haven't been in the mood for any of that crap lately.


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  • I have no idea what's happening. Your either not telling the whole story. Or your paranoid. Maybe he's mad your ignoring him

    • I agree with this. Very confusing story and I'm not sure what to take away from it.

  • I don't quite see what happened that he should be upset with you.

    Sure, opening up to him about your feelings might be the main reason, but it's a very strange response.


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