He's been acting strange ever since he gave me his hoodie.

There's this guy I've been talking to for 3 months and at the beginning we talked 2 times for 40 minutes each and really seemed to hit it off. Then a month after we met he let me take home and keep his blue/black hoodie and has been acting strange ever sense. (I once asked him why he gave it to me and he said because I was cold and that he has a lot of other ones):

- He avoids me (walks in the other direction if he sees me/ walks really fast past me/ leaves room if he sees me)

- I've caught him looking at me on several occasions but he looks away when I look at him, I once looked up and he turned his head to look at me at the same time I looked up at him, then looked away and continued talking to some people, then walked in the opposite direction of me after he stopped talking without saying hi.

- I'm positive he likes another girl I've recently seen them hanging out around school flirting, he once watched her when she walked by then looked down and smiled during one of our conversations. He seems really comfortable talking to her, he used to around me, now we either say hi in the hallway or talk 10 - 15 minutes tops.

- He will turn and walk with me or sit down to talk (if I am walking past him in an opposite direction and say hi) but then gets really quiet, talks monotone, avoids eye contact (looks forward not at me), has an expressionless face, fidgets with objects and will attempt small talk with me occasionally, but usually only says a few words and appears to be waiting for me to say something to actually start the conversation. I also get the impression like he wants to leave the conversation even though he made the decision to stop and talk.

- Never approaches me first, unless I am in a certain area at a certain time at the school, then he says "Hey" to catch my attention and will either continue walking by saying he's to busy to talk, or will sit down and talk and exhibit the same behavior I mentioned above.

- On several occasions, during a conversation, I will look down for a second then back at him and he is half smiling at me and looking me directly in the eye?

I'm pretty sure he knows I like him, but I get so nervous around him I get quiet, talk monotone and cause awkward silences or start a conversation that may cause him to get the wrong impression about me ( think I probably come across as uninterested). I also tend to run into him often, most of its unintentional (like I will literally decide to walk in one direction and he will be either be at my destination or be walking in the direction I came from and we both had no idea the other was there, hope he doesn't think I'm following/ stalking him because I'm not). Though, one day a week I will sit in a location near where he walks to go to class just so I can say hi and maybe have a conversation. I think I make him uncomfortable (asked him that too and he said I don't but I'm not very sure if I believe him).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why he's acting like this?


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  • Aww no, if your gut's telling you he likes someone else, he probably does...and he's probably awkward around you because he doesn't want to let you down. It sounds like he's moved on...sorry, hun!